Stainless Steel Hand Edger/Groover Bit with ProForm® Handle


6″ x 10″ Stainless Steel Hand Edger/Groover 3/4″R 1/4″Bit with ProForm® Handle


          • Forms top of curb and cuts grooves in one pass
          • Handy tool for most commercial job
          • Texture ribbing reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet

          Products specifications


          Name Value
          Length 6.0000
          Width 10.0000
          Thickness 0.108
          Blade Material Stainless Steel
          Blade Type Edger/Groover
          Handle Material ProForm® Soft Grip
          Handle Length 4.5
          Bit Width 1/4″
          Bit Depth 1/4″
          Lip 7/8″
          Radius 3/4″
          Blade Length 6″


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