48″ x 8″ Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Bull Float Blade


48″x8″ Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Bull Float Blade



The latest technology in concrete floating! The Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Bull Float is made with the latest advancement in construction tools. This lightweight engineered material allows for seamless motions to quickly bring up bleed water to open up the surface as it levels and smooths. Low surface friction allows the blade to move faster across the surface with less drag and easier tilt response minimizing stress on the user’s wrist. This 4′ bull float features curved Surface Lines to evenly distribute the paste to keep the surface open longer. The blade grips the surface for working on inclines without downward drift. The 48″ blade has rounded ends and broken-in edges for floating without gouging. An extra long 3-1/2″ wide heavy-duty C-Channel design provides extra rigidity and flatness for this 8″ wide blade. The KO-20™ material is impact resistant for extended wear. Blade won’t absorb liquids preventing corrosion and rust. Designed to accept 2-or 4-hole double-tilt action bracket (CC270CC294CC296GF10330), sold separately. The durable new blade material is designed for extended wear on rough surfaces. Concrete won’t stick to blade for fast, easy clean-up. The bright orange color is easy to see on the jobsite. Patent Pending. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Made with revolutionary KO-20™ technology
  • Low surface friction so float moves faster across the surface
  • Surface opens quicker/remains open longer
  • Fewer passes needed to complete the job
  • Engineered, curved Surface Lines evenly distributes paste across surface
  • Grips the surface even on inclines and prevents downward drifts
  • Quickly lifts and moves material to level the surface
  • Round ends prevent gouging
  • Machine beveled broken-in edges
  • Impact resistant for extended wear in rough use
  • Chemical, corrosion, and rust resistant
  • Concrete doesn’t stick to surface making clean-up a breeze
  • Bright orange color is easy to spot on jobsite
  • Use with 2 or 4 hole tilt brackets, sold separately
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA


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